Every car we create is different and is tailored to the desires of the owner.

Discreet options such as electric air conditioning, electric power steering and electronic fuel injection are popular inclusions.

Many want the look, feel and sound of the genuine car whilst incorporating inclusions to improve safety, comfort and reliability.  We have carefully engineered a host of upgrades into our cars which all come together to create a car that is capable of a ‘cars and coffee’ cruise in the morning, a track day in the afternoon and then be driven to work on Monday morning. It all started from a customer simply saying “I would like a C Type Jaguar, a perfect facsimile, just build me one!”

That was back in 1999, and we did build him an exact recreation of the 1953 Le Mans winning C Type, right down to the plessey pump driven Dunlop disc brakes and 40DCO sandcast Webers. We ended up  building seven C Type’s in total and they are scattered around the world. But due to Jaguar’s stance on enforcing copyright laws on their C Type design and the fact that road registering a newly constructed C Type recreation in Australia is virtually impossible, we no longer build them. 

But that led us to developing three different legendary Jaguar sports racing cars from the 1950’s and 1960’s, originals of which are either unobtainable or extremely expensive

Jaguar Lightweight E Type

In the early 1960’s, Jaguar built a mere 12 of the sensational Lightweight E Type which was a road registerable race car based on a production E Type Jaguar. Examples of these original cars are rarely seen on the market and command over US$10mil. Jaguar built a further 6 “continuations” in 2015 which were sold for £1mil. This was despite not being road registerable nor eligible for historic racing

Our cars are built from an original 1960’s donor car and will always be an original E Type. As such, they are fully road registerable in any country in the world, and can be raced if so desired! We have a number of Lightweight E Type’s under construction, all featuring hand made alloy body work to exacting original, lightweight specification and a range of different mechanical and modernisation capabilities.

An all out track car, a grand touring car or daily driving duties – the choice is yours!

Jaguar Low Drag E Type

An aerodynamically modified lightweight E Type with winning Le Mans in mind. That mission ultimately failed but the success was one of the most iconic racing cars to bear the Jaguar name. 

Countless hours of research and development has enabled us to replicate the unique shape and construction method in exactly the same fashion as the original.

Aside from the bodywork and a wider rear track, the Low Drag Coupe is basically the same as the other 11 Lightweight E Type’s and we build them with the same upgrades and integrated improvements that we offer on our Lightweights.

Jaguar XK120

What started from a candid conversation with a customer about how many XK120 components that we have stored away here at Concours Sportscar Restoration, led to the building of a tribute to the Ecurie Ecossie XK120 race car from the early 1950’s. Albeit, it had a brand new handmade aluminium body.

We have a number of original XK chassis and enough components to build more. We also have the ability to make new alloy bodies from scratch; just in case you would like your own XK120 or XK140 roadster built just for you to your own specifications.

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