Jaguar E Type Restorations

Restoration of collectable E Types is our number 1 specialty.

Frequently hailed as one of the world’s most recognisable and collectible cars, Concours Sportscar Restoration has been proudly specialising in the restoration of these masterpieces for 30+ years. Winning numerous Concours D’Elegance awards with Jaguar E Types, we have the experience to deliver exceptional period correct restorations and make many modern upgrades. 

Our restoration process is renowned for unwavering quality and precision. It begins with the body, where our craftsmen meticulously restore the monocoque structure to absolute accuracy utilising our custom-made alignment jigs. Refinishing is an art form, and we employ only the finest paint materials available to ensure a flawless and lasting finish. Engine rebuilding is handcrafted in-house and rigorously dyno tested for peak performance. Assembly is the culmination of our work, where every component is carefully reassembled to exacting standards.

Our goal is not just to restore these vehicles but to elevate them beyond their former glory. Our commitment goes beyond period-correct restorations; we aim to refine and improve these classics, making them more enjoyable on today’s roads without compromising their authenticity or original charm.

The Jaguar E-Type is the most beautiful car in the world 
Enzo Ferrari

Jaguar E Type Series I Restorations

Jaguar E Type Series I Restorations

The Series I Jaguar E-Type, initially introduced in 1961, is revered for its classic beauty. With its covered headlights, small grille opening, and distinctive glass-covered headlamps, it’s a design icon often considered the purest E Type model.

The early cars utilised the 3.8 litre engine, in 1964 the 4.2 litre engine was released along with other alterations that provide and improved driving experience. Both are considered equally desirable – the 3.8 as it’s the E Type in it’s purist form and the 4.2 which looked virtually identical but with improved drivability.

The typical roadster (OTS) and fixed head coupe (FHC) body styles were joined late in the life of the series 1 by the new 2+2 body style, offering an occasional back seat and lengthened doors providing a more spacious cabin and easier access to the cabin.

Jaguar E Type SII Restorations

The Series II Jaguar E-Type arrived in 1968 with notable design and mechanical changes. Following on from the unofficially dubbed series 1.5, the SII saw many design changes.

Open headlights that provided much better night vision replaced the SI closed headlights. Larger taillamp assemblies and larger opening on the grille for better cooling were the most obvious exterior changes. There were also a host of other mechanical changes and interior improvements designed to enhance comfort and safety. 

The Series II was only offered with the same 4.2 litre inline-six as fitted to the S1 4.2, but now the 4 speed manual transmission was joined by an automatic transmission option. 

The Series II appeals to those seeking the timeless E-Type style, with more reliability and a touch of modern comfort.

Jaguar E Type SII Restorations

Jaguar E Type SIII Restorations

Jaguar E Type SIII Restorations

The Series III Jaguar E-Type, superceded the Series II in 1971 and is the final iteration of the E Type. It marked a significant departure in the engine department with Jaguar moving away from the legendary twin overhead camshaft 6 cylinder engine to what would become a legend in it’s own right, the 5.3-liter V12.

A larger car all round, the FHC model was dropped and the new V12 powered E Type was only available in roadster and 2+2 body styles.

Flared wheel arches accommodating the wider wheels and tyres gave an aggressive stance and although the V12 offered more power, the additional weight meant that an acceleration dual with an earlier 6 cylinder car is always a close challenge.


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