Jaguar E Type roadster
RHD 4.2 chassis 4

The result is amazing. The finish is simply outstanding. Additionally, because of Gavin’s knowledge and experience with E Types he was able to markedly improve the reliability of the car but at the same time maintaining a fully restored, concours condition E Type. I am a very happy customer of Gavin’s and have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who wants a hassle free first class, concourse condition, E Type restoration."

Jonathan McLeod
Brisbane, QLD

I’ve had an ongoing business relationship with Gavin and his team at CSR for over 6 years starting from when he first inspected a 1963 Aust delivered 3.8 FHC E Type for me at the Classic Throttle Shop in Sydney in early 2017.

I’m a fastidious person and expect exceptional results. I researched CSR and several other restorers in Australia and spoke to many fellow enthusiasts before I decided on dealing with CSR. I have also become good friends with Gavin over the years, and I consider him the “best” restorer of E Types and early Astons in the country. By “best” I mean his attention to detail, originality to the date of the factory build, workmanship, finished product, and continuous communication/photos throughout the project. My ongoing relationship with Gavin over the years has resulted in the restoration of 4 E types (currently including a 1961 RHD 3.8 flat floor OTS and a 1972 RHD S3 V12 OTS) and re-restoration work on a 1968 Aston DB6 manual coupe. Gavin has also fully recommissioned my Jaguar XJ220.

Gavin recently restored my 1964 RHD 4.2 OTS Chassis #4 with an optional hardtop. When I purchased the car, it was a very original car but tired. I did not realise the many issues that laid beneath its beautiful red exterior, accordingly due to the car’s desirability, I decided it was a bare metal project, refabrication/refit of many body panels, full engine and gearbox rebuild, new interior and soft top/cover, fibreglass hard top, suspension, brakes, drive train, and so on, mostly done in house. The restoration was completed within 18 months including Covid delays with freight from the UK and USA, good going!. This car, I believe is the best in the country and has been awarded at many premium events in Queensland. Gavin recently collected the car for its 12-month service/warranty inspection with approx. 1,200 miles done by me and returned it last weekend. Whilst the car was again with CSR, Gavin and his team went to work on it again to rectify minor issues that I was not even aware existed. This work was done at no cost to me. When I asked Gavin why he did not charge me, he responded “CSR has a reputation for high standards and customer satisfaction and we do whatever it takes to achieve the best results possible”


Jaguar XK140 OTS

Ken White

Jaguar XK120 Fixed Head Coupe

Paul Drysdale
Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia 2010 Concours D'elegance champion

Jaguar E Type Series 1 3.8 Roadster

Mike Carlton

Radio 2UE & Sydney Morning Herald

Jaguar E Type 3.8 Fixed Head Coupe

Omnia Holland
Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia concours d'elegance champion

Jaguar E Type Series 3 V12

Phillip Cave

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