What our clients are saying....

"His craftsmanship was meticulous. The result is an E Type closer to perfection as could be certainly a far better car than the original that rolled off the production line at Browns Lane 41 years ago."

E Type S1 - Mike Carlton 2UE

"I heartily recommend you go to Gavin who can build you a car of great accuracy at the highest possible standard of workmanship imaginable."

C Type - Martin Braden

"My E Type was superb when finished, the outer paint surfaces and gaps between panels would have been better that factory original."

E Type FHC - Professor Richard Christopherson

"But there is one thing even more important that technical skills and that is integrity. How many people have been ripped off by restorers overcharging, undertaking unnecessary work or taking shortcuts and not doing the work correctly. I know I needed someone I could trust and Gavin was such a person."

XK140 OTS - Ken White

"Gavin and his expert team have painstakingly attended to all the little things required in a full restoration and I now have a car that is as fresh as the day it left the Jaguar factory in Coventry. "

E Type SII Coupe - John Herlihy

Company Profile and History

The Beginning - 1993

Concours Sportscar Restoration is a family owned Restoration Company based on the Central Coast of NSW. Established in 1993, our team of specialists are dedicated to the highest possible quality of preservation and restoration of Britain's finest marques, Jaguar and Aston Martin.

The very first XK restored by Concours, a black XK150S roadster T832078DN, was runner up at the first XK150ST3832078DN1ever Concours we had entered, the 1994 Jaguar National Concours d'elelgance held in Tasmania. From there the car won XK150ST3832078DN2OUTRIGHT at the 1994 CVVTMC Club Chanpions Concours (Sydney), the 1994 Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia State Concours (Sydney), the 1994 Darling Harbour Concours (Sydney), the 1995 Australian Concours D'Elegance (Gold Coast) and was runner up at the 1995 Jaguar National Concours D'Elegance (Brisbane), the 1995 Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia State Concours (Sydney) and the 1996 Jaguar National Concours D'Elegance (Canberra).



Rapid Growth and Concour Success Through The 1990's

In 1996, the business had grown to the extent that a move into much larger premises in Old Pittwater Road, Brookvale, was necessary. The staff level grew to 10 and typically 30 vehicles were being worked on at any given time. The next 6 years at these premises saw many classic vehicles, kgtrophy2primarily Jaguars restored for customers from every corner of the country. Many more Concours D'Elegance successes followed. especially with our most successful during the 1990's, a pearl grey  XK140DHC S817715. This car won every Concours event it was entered in OUTRIGHT, including the 1995 Jaguar National Concours D' Elegance (Brisbane), the 1995 Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia State Concours D'Elegance (Sydney), the 1995 CVVTMC Club Champions Concours (Sydney), the 1995 Sydney Motor Show Concours D'Elegance, the 1996 Australian Concours D' Elegance (Gold Coast) and finally the  1996 Jaguar National Concours D'Elegance (Canberra).


In 1999, the team was asked to build an exact replica of the classic Jaguar racer, the C Type. We have built 7 to date and they have received worldwide acclaim.
Big Changes Through The 2000's and More Concours Success

200820trophiesIn 2003 a big decision was made to move the entire business to the Central Coast of NSW, just a one-hour drive north of Sydney. The business still operated the same but with a lower, more specific, staff level in larger more strategically laid out premises. More special concour d’elegance wins have followed with an Aston Martin Lagonda restored by the team winning the 2008 AMOC Concour OUTRIGHT and a rare RHD XK140 roadster S800040 winning every concour it entered OUTRIGHT, including the 2004 Jaguar National Concour D'Elegance (Canberra).

Our next concour success was with XK120 661123. This car is our most awarded restoration to date, having won every Concour it was entered in OUTRIGHT, including the 2008 Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia Concors D' Elegance (Sydney), the 2009 Jaguar National Concour D'Elegance (Hobart), the 2009 CMC Concours D' Elegance (Syndey). Then in 2010, 661123 was voted the "Inaguarl Australian Classic Car Magazine Car of the Year", in which this car was described "as close to perfection as one could imagine".
2010 - 2017 Rounding out 25 Years in Business
As we clicked over into 2010, the restoration side of the business continued on as busy as ever but now including a number of vehicles being shipped to us from overseas to be restored and then returned. The Recreation side of the business expanded from the C Type’s to now include recreations of the Lightweight E Type and Low Drag Coupe version. Then we added an alloy body version of the XK120 and XK140 roadster which hails back to the early Jaguar racing days.
Expansion to include a new bodywork section at the rear of the existing factory and the addition of a mezzanine level has allowed for staff levels to increase to cater for the increased demand.
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Concours Sportscar Restoration is a well-established business and recognised worldwide as one of the finest restorers of classic Jaguars and Aston Martins, a reputation that has taken years to develop and one that we strive to uphold. Our uncompromised policy of performing only 1st class repairs ensures that any car we restore will be a joy to own and drive for many years to come whilst retaining the highest possible value.

No matter which corner of the globe you are viewing our website from, Concours Sportscar Restoration is a very real option to have your classic Jaguar dream realised. We have the necessary experience in freighting special vehicles from and to anywhere in the world, the exchange rate is very favourable against all foreign currencies and the Australian labour rate is very favourable against those in Europe and the United States. And, most importantly, our quality is second to none! Please enjoy browsing through our website, have a read of the testimonials from our satisfied customers and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Gavin to discuss finding you your dream classic, restoring your special car or building you a C Type, Lightweight E Type or Low Drag Coupe.