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"I approached Gavin to look at doing some repair work to my 1972 Jaguar V12 E Type Series III. After extensive discussions it was decided a full restoration would be undertaken by Gavin and his very experienced team.
Gavin and his team began the task to totally dismantle the car and then proceeded to remove the rust and repair the body. The time and exacting detail that was performed was simply extraordinary. During the restoration process I visited the workshop on numerous occasions to see the progress. Gavin always welcomed me and took me through the progress to date.
The result is amazing. The finish is simply outstanding.
Additionally, because of Gavin’s knowledge and experience with E Types he was able to markedly improve the reliability of the car but at the same time maintaining a fully restored, concourse conditioned E Type.
I am a very happy customer of Gavin’s and have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who wants a hassle free first class, concourse condition, E Type restoration."


Phillip Cave

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I’ve had an ongoing business relationship with Gavin and his team at CSR for over 4 years starting from when he first inspected a 1963 Aust delivered 3.8 FHC E Type for me at the Classic Throttle Shop in Sydney in early 2017.
I’m a fastidious person and expect exceptional results. I researched CSR and several other restorers in Australia and spoke to many fellow enthusiasts before I decided on dealing with CSR. I have also become good friends with Gavin over the years, and I consider him the “best” restorer of E Types and early Astons in the country. By the “best” I mean his attention to detail, originality to the date of the factory build, workmanship, finished product, and continuous communication/photos throughout the project. My ongoing relationship with Gavin over the years has resulted in the restoration of 4 E types (currently including a 1961 RHD 3.8 flat floor OTS and a 1972 RHD S3 V12 OTS) and re-restoration work on a 1968 Aston DB6 manual coupe. Gavin has also done some mechanical work on my Jaguar XJ220.
Gavin recently restored my 1964 RHD 4.2 OTS Chassis #4 with an optional hard top. When I purchased the car, it was a very original car but tired. I did not realise the many issues that laid beneath its beautiful red exterior, accordingly due to the car’s desirability, I decided it was a bare metal project, refabrication/refit of many body panels, full engine and gearbox rebuild, new interior and soft top/cover, fibreglass hard top, suspension, brakes, drive train, and so on, mostly done in house. The restoration was completed within 18 months including Covid delays with freight from the UK and USA, good going!. This car, I believe is the best in the country and has been awarded at many premium events in Queensland. Gavin recently picked up the car for its 12-month service/warranty inspection with approx. 1,200 miles done by me and returned it last weekend. Whilst the car was again with CSR, Gavin and his team went to work on it again to rectify minor issues that I was not even aware existed. This work was done at no cost to me. When I asked Gavin why he did not charge me, he responded “CSR has a reputation for high standards and customer satisfaction and we do whatever it takes to achieve the best results possible”.
I can recommend Gavin and his team.

Jonathan McLeod
November 2021


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  Mcleod 1


"A big thank you to Gavin King and his team of automotive artisans for completing the restoration of my 1961 Flat floor E-Type roadster. Without their unrivalled skill and dedication this special Jaguar would not have been transformed into the usable work of art that exists today. It is little wonder Enzo Ferrari called it the most beautiful car in the world! This car was no more than a shell with many parts unserviceable or missing when the restoration began in 2014, and after 6 years I had run out of steam. Luckily Gavin added my car to the list of projects inhabiting his workshop in Tuggerah. It was no mean feat as the car needed major work to finish not the least being the interior trimming, engine fettling, and bodywork. All of this work was completed professionally and to an extremely high standard. Thank you Gavin and your team!"

Steve Johnson

Sunshine Coast, Qld

January, 2020



"To whom it may concern, 

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Concours Sportscar Restoration for the 100% perfect restoration of any special E Type. 

My car is an original right hand drive, all matching numbers so i wanted her restored back to its original condition internally and externally with every nut and bolt in between. Gavin knows E Types inside and out, not only by year (mine is 1963) but also by month which impacts how it is to be restored. I have full confidence in not only Gavin's knowledge but also his integrity, honesty and genuine love for the restoration process. 

To say Gavin went beyond my expectation is an understatement. The proof is in the Jaguar Driver's Club Australia Concours D'Elegence outright win in 2018 and Best E Type win 2018. I live in Melbourne, yet still chose Concours Sportscar Restoration in Sydney - and am very happy i did. Am happy to chat with anyone wanting to ask me any questions. In the meantime, thank you Gavin and Concours Sportscar Restoration for my beautiful baby!"

Omnia Holland

Kew, Melbourne

February, 2021

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"Jaguar E Type Series1 3.8 Roadster
Gavin King and his team at Concours rebuilt my Jaguar E Type Series1 3.8 Roadster from the ground up in 2002. I was delighted with the project, from start to finish. Like most E Types of its vintage (1962), it suffered horribly at the hands of some bodgie restorers over the years. While it looked ok on the surface, beneath the skin it was a patched-up mess in almost every way, so badly out of shape that the chassis had bent like a banana.
Working with Gavin over a period of months, we decided what could be salvaged and what should be replaced. The instruction was to rebuild the car close to 100% A1 concours condition, but with modifications that would retain all the original Jaguar style and spirit while adding subtle touches to make it more driveable in the modern era.
His craftsmanship was meticulous. Gavin sourced parts from both the UK and the USA or, where they were not readily available, or of sufficient quality, he made them himself in the workshop. (This particularly applied to body panels, some of which are, quite literally, a hand-built work of sculpture.)
I particularly appreciated his willingness to have me, the client, involved at every stage of the process. Many workshops won’t do this, but I was welcome to drop in at any time, unannounced, to see how things were going. He kept a complete photographic record, and every item was carefully costed and billed, so I knew exactly what was happening and when. Modifications included wheels slightly wider than the original, to improve handling, (although only a truly expert eye could tell), bigger calipers and pads for the disc brakes, five-speed gearbox conversion, a fabulous big bore stainless exhaust system, electronic ignition and conversion for the engine to run on high octane unleaded fuel.
The result is an E Type close to perfection as could be certainly a far better car than the original that rolled off the production line at Brown’s Lane 41 years ago. You can see his project on his website. I can thoroughly recommend him as a classic restoration expert without peer. "
Mike Carlton
Radio 2UE
The Sydney Morning Herald.

mike carlton


"Dear Gavin,
Thank you and your whole team so much for the great restoration of my Jaguar XK120. As you know I had become disillusioned with the work done on the car in Adelaide and sought you out because of your reputation as an Australian and worldwide expert on this marque.
The quality of the workmanship is excellent and the car is now a pleasure to behold and to drive. I never intended the car to be a Concours D’elegance winning car, but on your suggestion the car was entered and won the Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia 2010 Concours D’elegance outright – a bonus for me and more well deserved recognition for yourself. The regular website updates were extremely helpful in keeping up to date with progress of the restoration.
I have no hesitation in recommending you to other seeking to have their vehicle restored."
Kind regards,

Paul Drysdale
Adelaide, South Australia
September 2010 

paul drysdale testimonial


"To whom it may concern,
C Type Jaguar
I asked Gavin King of Concours Sportscar Restoration, to build me an accurate replica of the 1953 Le Mans winning car. A price was agreed and the project commenced in early 2005. The chassis and principal suspension components, brakes and steering rack were manufactured by Dave Brown in Invercargill, New Zealand to original specifications. Gavin had the C Type wheels built in Sydney and the rest of the car was painstakingly constructed by Gavin and his team in Tuggerah, NSW. The trouble Gavin went to in ensuring a complete toolroom reproduction was unbelievable.
The standard of workmanship is of the highest imaginable standard, right down to the correctly coded electrical wiring.
The all-aluminium body is absolutely perfect in every respect, down to the petrol tank inspection plate on the rear quarter. Original Le Mans headlights were fitted and even the correct rear vision mirror, oh and the Morris Minor horn!
The choices that Gavin gave me allowed us to have a car exactly as I wanted it. Through the process Gavin came up with a number of practical suggestions that improved on the original concept.
Nothing was too much trouble and standards were never compromised. I ended up with a car that far outstripped my original expectations.
Since completion in February 2009, I have campaigned the car in Historic Racing, at Wakefield Park, Eastern Creek and Bathurst race tracks and completed two classic Adelaide bitumen stage rallies and this year, Targa Tasmania. I get enormous enjoyment out of both competing, country touring and just looking at it. Perhaps when I die I will be buried in it.
Through the period of its use, Gavin has made continuous adjustments and minor modifications that have improved the car’s performance and my enjoyment.
If you are thinking of commissioning a replica C Type, I heartily recommend you go to Gavin who can build you a car of great accuracy at the highest possible standard of workmanship imaginable."

Martin Braden
Paddington, NSW

martin braden testimonial


"Why I Chose Concours Sportscar Restoration
In May, 2000 an email alerted me that a very rare XK140 OTS SE was for sale. The car was special, being the only original right-hand drive XK140 OTS SE model with a C Type head, sandcast carburettors and 9:1 compression ratio ever built.
Although being involved as a member and director of the Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia I knew little about XK’s, my other Jaguars being a Mark 2, and XJC and an XJS. I did know that I loved the sweeping lines of the XK and I did know just the person to talk to… Gavin King of Concours Sportscar Restoration in Brookvale, Sydney.
Why did I choose Gavin?
From knowing him in the JDCA, I was aware he had an amazing knowledge of XK’s and had undertaken successful restorations in the past. Restoration of an XK150, which went on to win many awards at Concours events, was followed by a beautiful restoration of a multiple Concours-winning XK140 DHC. If he could do that 140 so successfully he certainly had the technical skills to do mine.
But there is one thing even more important that technical skills and that is integrity. How many people have been ripped off by restorers overcharging, undertaking unnecessary work or taking shortcuts and not doing the work correctly. I know I needed someone I could trust and Gavin was such a person.
I knew he would take a personal interest in the vehicle and would assiduously oversee his in-house tradesmen to ensure the work was done correctly. Gavin has a policy of performing only first-class repairs, ensuring that cars they restore will be something special, great to own and drive and will retain the highest possible value commensurate with the work undertaken.
That’s why I chose Concours Sportscar Restoration "

Ken White
MacQuarie Park, NSW

ken white testimonial


To Whom It May Concern:

I first met Gavin back in 2004 when he sorted out a couple of problems with a 1958 Corvette that I was restoring, I had just had the Corvette paint elsewhere and was not happy with the finish and the factory hard top was fitting properly and a friend put me in contact with Gavin. He got the top fitting properly and fixed the paint by wet sanding and re clear coated the pant, it looked fantastic, and still does today.

At that time I had a 1956 Chevrolet Belair Convertible in a pretty sad state that I got Gavin to have a look at to see if he and his team could work their magic on and they did and it turned out a beautiful car after a mammoth restoration as you can see on CSR’s web page.

When the Chev was finished I was talking with Gavin about the time and effort and money that was put into the Chev, he made the comment that if we had put that effort into an E Type it would be the best one in Australia. So I thought, let’s find one and do it. Gavin knew of a 1967 S1 roadster that needed restoring, so we brought the E Type and the restoration got under way. Three years later it was finished and in my opinion it was the best E Type in Australia. The E Type was invited to compete at Motoclassica in Melbourne 2016 and was runner up in the final. The Classic Throttle Shop in North Sydney said it was “the best restored E Type they had ever seen”.

So thanks to Gavin and the team at Concours Sportscar Restoration, they have given me three of the best cars around without question.

I would not hesitate to recommend CSR for the restoration of any type of car, classic or muscle they have the passion for any make or model.

Chris Larkham
August 2018


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"To whom it may concern
When my father’s one owner 1970 E Type Series II FHC passed to me on his death over 10 years ago, I knew what had to be done. The car had to be kept and cherished, as he would have wanted, but brought back to its former glory.
Even the best kept E Types will deteriorate over the years and Dad’s car was no exception. Despite being garaged, serviced regularly and looked after extremely well, the car was showing its age. It had the usual rust spots, tired interior, dodgy electrics and so on. This was not a time for a piecemeal approach, a full nut and bolt restoration was the only way to go.
However, committing to a full restoration is not for the faint hearted, as it’s not an inexpensive exercise and can’t be rushed. My challenge was to find someone I could rely on to do a proper job, as I wanted it done right the first time round.
I’d heard about Concours Sportscar Restoration as reputable Jaguar restoration specialists and had some preliminary discussions with owner Gavin King about the scope of works and his experience in restoring E Types. I felt confident enough to give the job to Gavin, and I wasn’t let down. The car delivered to me earlier this month looks exceptional and drives beautifully. Gavin and his expert team have painstakingly attended to all the little things required in a full restoration and I now have a car that is as fresh as the day it left the Jaguar factory in Coventry.
Gavin’s approach to his work is straight forward. He maintains an “open house”, with progress visits to his Tuggerah workshop welcome at any time. He sends you regular written updates with accompanying photos detailing the work undertaken and is happy to discuss any concerns and make practical recommendations.
The end result is a car that has fulfilled all my expectations. I now have an E Type that should give me many happy years of reliable motoring, safe in the knowledge that nothing has been overlooked. When you’re driving a car over 40 years old, that’s reassuring.
I congratulate Gavin and his team on a job well done."

John Herlihy
Hunters Hill, Sydney
September 2011

john herlihy testimonial


Thank you Gavin and crew for the exceptional work carried out on my 1967 Jaguar E-type roadster.

As a car that had been "put back together' rather incorrectly by the previous owner. Your teams knowledge and foresight has since turned my wayward beauty into a very pleasurable driving machine.

The dismantling and rebuilding of the front of the car,has not only given me an engine bay not to embarrassed about. But also a car,with the new suspension components, that has had the driving transformed completely.

Your knowledge is bar none. The updates and progress photographs that you forwarded were a pleasure to receive.

I am looking forward to the next step of my cars transformation,with you. The re-spray at the end of the year/early 2019. Rather telling that i only trust you to do this task.

Thank you once again.

Adrian Mace
Woolwich, Sydney
July 2018

adrian mace1adrian mace2


"To whom it may concern:
Enthusiasts choose their cars for a variety of reasons and derive the pleasure of ownership in a great many different ways.
In July 1993 I purchased a well-used but lovely 1961 Sherwood green 3.4 MK 2 and chose to keep it as original as possible whilst returning it to its original, as new, condition.
Enter Concours Sportscar Restoration. It is now some 15 years since my beautiful MK 2 left the Concours workshop after a complete refurbishment. The restoration was completed for my own pleasure, not as a show car however in 2002 in the NSW state concours it came 2nd outright with a gold award and when next shown, at the 2006 Nationals in Newcastle it again scored a very close 2nd outright.
Today this fine Jaguar is as it was some 15 years ago, concours ready, with its true character retained, a credit and tribute to the skilled work performed by Gavin King and his team all those years ago."
Geoff Lowe
Brookfield, NSW

Lowe 2


As a car enthusiast I have been fortunate enough to have enjoyed some interesting cars. I bought a 1954 Aston Martin DB2/4 drop head in Johannesburg South Africa in 1984. I bought the car as a driveable, untouched but very tatty car. Shortly after stripping the car I was transferred to America and had to hurriedly assemble the car so it could be packed in a container. The car languished in unrestored condition for six years in my garage in Pennsylvania before then moving to Brisbane. After another 12 years of having no time to restore the car to the condition it deserved I finally resolved to have the car professionally restored. After careful consideration, I decided to despatch the car to Tuggerah (in fact Gavin collected the car from Brisbane) and 3 years later the final restored beauty was completed. To say the car was better than new is an understatement and I found myself the proud owner of a car so perfect that it was a museum quality car. Almost too good to drive.

I had always wanted a lightweight E type Jaguar so I decided to start work on build an all-aluminium E type. I had in mind a very particular specification and I commissioned Crosthwaite and Gardiner to build a new alloy block 3.8 engine and an new all alloy body from Simon Dunford of Sussex England. By the time the engine and body were completed and shipped to Australia the DB2/4 had been completed so I then asked Gavin to complete the build of the E type. Gavin's encyclopaedic knowledge of Jaguars was the natural choice and he acquired the missing parts and built the car around a 1964 donor identity.

Both the Aston and E type have been built to amazing standards. The quality of panel and paint work of Concours is equal to anything I have seen overseas.

Next? Business time permitting, I plan on having alloy panels fitted to my sons 1964 1750 Alfa to create a replica GTA.

Peter Seear
Brisbane, Queensland
July, 2018

peter seear2peter seear3peter seear1


"Aston Martin Lagonda
The purpose of this letter is to extol the virtues of Concours Sportscar Restoration in Tuggerah and its principal Gavin King.
I own an Aston Martin Lagonda (1981) which is my pride and joy. Ever since I acquired it in 1994, Gavin has looked after this vehicle for me. The Lagonda is no ordinary vehicle; it has its own peculiarities and there are not too many of them around. But notwithstanding that, Gavin has done a splendid job of maintaining it.
Furthermore, having plucked up the courage and sufficient funds just a few years ago, I entrusted Concours Sportscar Restoration with the task of totally restoring the Lagonda – the body; the interior; the works.
The result a couple of years later was outstanding. Maybe I’m biased, but I reckon I’ve got one of the best of these fabulous vehicles on the planet (and definitely the best one in Australia).
So hats off to Gavin and his team for a job exceptionally well done!"

Peter Wise
Rose Bay, NSW
October 2006

peter wise testimonial


"To whom it may concern,
I am writing in support of Mr Gavin King of Concours Sportscar Restoration (3 Mildon Road, Tuggerah NSW 2259; Repairer Licence No. 034665). As a member of the Jaguar Drivers Club (NSW) I have known of Gavin’s restoration work with Jaguar sports cars, particularly XK’s and E Types from the 1950’s and 60’s. Gavin has a very high reputation for concours restorations, having produced at least two first-prize winners at the JDCA National Concours. He has excelled at this very meticulous work where authenticity and originality are paramount.
In 2001, Gavin carried out a full body restoration of my 1962 E Type fixed head coupe. With the paint removed, it was clear that the car needed new door skins and outer sills. In addition, the bonnet (consisting of 11 panels) did not fit well. All filler and a significant amount of lead, were removed, rust was cut out and new sections welded in. The bare metal surface was then file-finished without use of filler. Although the process took some time, I was highly impressed with the impeccable quality of the work. Such craftsmen are rare indeed.
My E Type was superb when finished, the outer paint surfaces and gaps between panels would have been better that factory original. While such standards of repair and restoration would be unnecessary for a Commodore, Jaguar and Aston Martin sports cars are highly prized and may be considered as (long-term) investments. I recommend Gavin and his craftsmen for the quality of their work and their commitment to classic cars.
Professor Richard I Christopherson
Head, School of Molecular and Microbial Biosciences,
University of Sydney

richard christopherson testimonial


"Jaguar XK Restoration & Accident Repairs
To whom it may concern
Dear Sirs,
I have used Gavin King’s Concours Sportscar Restoration on several occasions over recent years, both for the restoration of my Jaguar XK and for accident repairs for my road cars on a couple of occasions.
The substantial restoration work was carried out in an exemplary manner and the workmanship was to the highest standard.
The work done for me on normal crash repairs was done to the same high standards.
I have no hesitation in recommending their quality of work and performance."

Yours Faithfully
Richard Crawshay


"To whom it may concern
I have been a customer of Concours Sportscar Restoration since 1998. This has largely involved the company developing and maintaining a MK2 Jaguar for me to use in motorsport. It has also included a small amount of body restoration.
I have found their service to be excellent, with work completed to a high standard and in the agreed timeframe. In addition, I have valued their diagnostic ability and capacity to suggest solutions to make my car more competitive. Although the amount of panel work has been reasonably small, the quality of the finished product was second to none, with perfect colour matching to the surrounding panels.
As a former Chairman of the Australian Council of Jaguar Clubs and President of the Jaguar Drivers’ Club of Canberra I am heavily involved in the nation Jaguar scene. As such, since 1994 I have seen the quality of the Jaguar restorations produced by Concours Sportscar Restoration. The company has a reputation second to none amongst the Jaguar community for producing outstanding award winning cars. Concours Sportscar Restoration has been responsible for cars that have won many national and state concours, and some would argue that there should have been one or two occasions at the national level when cars that finished runners up should have been the winner.
I have personal experience of the quality of their mechanical and refinishing skills and have observed the meticulous attention to detail during my many visits to the workshop. I have no problems recommending their services to all who seek my advice and frequently do so."

Brian Durrak


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