Jaguar XK120 OTS 661123

Before & After Photos

Sebesfi 661123 before

Sept 2008 - JDCA State Concours d'elegance Outright winner
- Best XK Trophy, Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia
- Gold Award, Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia
Easter 2009 - Jaguar National Rally Concours d'elegance Outright winner
- Sir William Lyons Trophy, Jaguar National Rally
- Sir Nick Scheele Trophy, Jaguar National Rally
- Lofty England Sporting Trophy, Jaguar National Rally
- Gold Award, Jaguar National Rally
August 2009 - Shannon's Eastern Creek Classic Concours d'elegance Outright winner
- Grand Champion, Shannons Eastern Creek Classic
- 1st Place 1951-1960 Cars, Shannons Eastern Creek Classic
January 2010 - Inaugural Australian Classic Car of the Year Award Winner