Restoration - XK140 OTS SE Roadster - Completed Sept 02 (multiple concours winner)

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To the winner goes the spoils. The perfect pair, XK140 roadster restored by Concours Sportscar Restoration and C Type built by Concours Sportscar Restoration.

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Here is the full list of Concours d'Elegance results:
August 2002
Orange Blossom Festival
- Car of the Show
September 2002
Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia - State Concours d'Elegance
- Outright Winner
- Jack Bryson Memorial Trophy
April 2003
Australian Council Of Jaguar Clubs - National Concours d'Elegance
- Second Place Outright
- Coventry Jaguar Spares Trophy for Most Desirable Car of the Day
- Lofty England Trophy for Best Sports Car
August 2003
Shannons CMC Concours
- Grand Champion Car
- Winner Fifties Decade
August 2003
Orange Blossom Festival
- Winner Fifties Decade
- Car of the Show
April 2004
Australian Council of Jaguar Clubs - National Concours d'Elegance
- First Place Outright
- Sir Williams Lyons Perpetual Trophy for Outright Winner
- Lofty England Trophy for Best Sports Car
- Ron Campbell National Perpetual Trophy for Best SS or Classic Jaguars
The car has now been retired from Concours competition after winning the National title.

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As found in a barn, XK140 roadster chassis number 800040 was complete (except for the grille) and all numbers match.

This actual car being raced by Alan Gray when almost new.

In 1991 the owner for the previous 10 years decided a restoration was due and the car was completely dismantled and some restoration work undertaken. But, as so often happens, the restoration was abandoned and the car was stored in a barn in rural Victoria until found by the current owner. The car was transported to Concours Sportscar Restoration in May 2000 and restoration began.

The first task was to remove all of the old primer and surface rust from the body, which was achieved by immersing the body in an alkaline solution. The result is a bare steel / aluminium body ready to prepare properly and primed ready for restoration. The chassis was checked and was in excellent condition, requiring no work at all. The body required extensive restoration and had suffered some accident damage to the left side, which damaged the guard and the bulkhead. The front guards were removed and the bulkhead dismantled. Whilst the top of the scuttle / bulkhead was restored, an entire new firewall and side bulkhead sections were fabricated. New sills and floors were made, as usual, and then the bulkhead was reunited with the chassis. The rear end was in better shape, needing only a new sparewheel floor, rear bever panel and the remainder was repaired.