Restoration - XK140 OTS SE Roadster - Completed Sept 02 (multiple concours winner)




The chassis was painted in semi-gloss two pack black to replicate the original finish. All of the steering, suspension and brake components were bead blasted and painted in the same way whilst the original bolts, nuts & washers were cleaned, bead blasted, threads cleaned, wire-wheeled and finally black zinc-plated by QANTAS to their aircraft quality.

Mufflers fiitedS3_4

rear suspensionS3_5

fuel tankS3_6

Now the chassis assembly could finally begin. The front and rear suspensions were carefully built onto the chassis using all new bushes and ball joints of original specification. The drum brakes were completely rebuilt and fitted to the chassis together with the rebuilt differential.




With the suspension, steering and brakes all complete, the car was rolling for the first time in many years (albeit on a set of old dummy wheels)! The fuel tank and pump, along with the brake master cylinder and piping, were assembled onto the chassis. Then it was time for the engine and gearbox to be bolted together and reunited with the chassis. Now it is truly starting to look like an XK again!

Blocking primerS3_8

XK painted panelsS3_9

Body paintedS3_10

Whilst the chassis was being assembled, the painters were priming, rubbing and blocking those fabulous XK curves in preparation for the final coating of British Racing Green two pack. We use the "clear over base" painting method whereby the colour is applied in base coat and then clear is applied over the top, giving a much deeper gloss and allows any future scratches or marks to be buffed out of the clear without effecting the colour.


Once the body had been painted, it was finally reunited with the chassis. Now the many hours of assembly and trim work could begin. The interior trimming was entrusted to Gary Penning, who has an intimate knowledge of XK trim. The seats were completely rebuilt with all new wood and foams and a new dash facia was made. Whilst Gary was attending to the trim, Phil set about carefully assembling the car. A new cotton braided loom was firstly wired in along with refitting all of the brightwork. We tried to salvage and restore as much of this car as possible as apposed to simply picking up the telephone and ordering a load of reproduction parts. The original J lamps were restored, as were the original foglamps. The original bumpers, overriders, taillights, headlight surrounds and windscreen frames were all rechromed but the windscreen pillars and bootlid chrome all needed replacing. All of the original instruments were restored.

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As found in a barn, XK140 roadster chassis number 800040 was complete (except for the grille) and all numbers match.

This actual car being raced by Alan Gray when almost new.

In 1991 the owner for the previous 10 years decided a restoration was due and the car was completely dismantled and some restoration work undertaken. But, as so often happens, the restoration was abandoned and the car was stored in a barn in rural Victoria until found by the current owner. The car was transported to Concours Sportscar Restoration in May 2000 and restoration began.

The first task was to remove all of the old primer and surface rust from the body, which was achieved by immersing the body in an alkaline solution. The result is a bare steel / aluminium body ready to prepare properly and primed ready for restoration. The chassis was checked and was in excellent condition, requiring no work at all. The body required extensive restoration and had suffered some accident damage to the left side, which damaged the guard and the bulkhead. The front guards were removed and the bulkhead dismantled. Whilst the top of the scuttle / bulkhead was restored, an entire new firewall and side bulkhead sections were fabricated. New sills and floors were made, as usual, and then the bulkhead was reunited with the chassis. The rear end was in better shape, needing only a new sparewheel floor, rear bever panel and the remainder was repaired.