Jaguar Low Drag Coupe #1


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We will be replicating this sensational car using a totally new alloy monocoque body, identical to the original. This car will feature a very special engine plus some other improvements over the original design to create an ever more sensational Low Drag Coupe!


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The first step is to find a suitable donor car. We sourced this series 1 4.2 E Type from storage in Sydney. The car had been laid up since 1982 and was perfect for our project. The customer wanted to build a Low Drag with maximum power so starting with a 4.2 engine is the way to go, which this was and it had an optional close ratio gearbox which was a bonus. The car has also been registered in the UK, Singapore and Australia so export to those countries if the need ever arose, it can be done without paying any taxes.


Careful consideration and planning went into this car, especially the engine. Starting with the original 4.2 engine from the donor car, the engine was totally stripped. All that will be re-used is the block, crank and timing gear. A brand new full wide angle head will be used with correct LWT E Type specification camsafts. A 100% correct dry sump lubrication system will also be used.  We will be using a long rod/short piston combination to give more torque and the pistons have been custom designed to work efficiently with the wide angle head. Gapless rings will be used. The crank has been stress relieved, ground, lightened and nitride. A lip seal conversion will be fitted to the back of the crank. A race spec harmonic balancer will spin off the front and an alloy flywheel and multi plate clutch will be at the back. This engine will also feature throttle body electronic fuel injection which will be computer controlled via a laptop. We have built a number of different exhaust systems to test on the engine dyno to find the optimum combination. This engine should produce close to 400hp. The original are were listed as having around 340hp. The picture above is the engine that has been dummy built for trial fitting and building of the exhaust systems.




These three pictures show the block which has been machined, the modified crank and the awesome wide angle head.




These pictures show the custom throttle bodies with the injectors fitted. These bolt directly onto a correct LWT E Type inlet manifold.




The picture of the conrods shows a standard E Type conrod on the left, a Carillo conrod in the centre and the steel Crower long conrod on the right which we will be using in this engine. The centre pistons shows the difference between a forged piston on the right that we will be using with the long conrod in this engine. The last picture shows the front three pistons with different crown designs to suit the offset bores of the 4.2.

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