E Type SIII V12 Roadster

This V12 roadster has come to us with some work done but there is a long way to go. The body tub has been restored and is in primer but it needs new front frames, a new bonnet and new doors. As we are going to be incorporating a number of performance modifications, we are fitting specially upgraded front frames, a full alloy bonnet and full alloy doors to make a major contribution to weight saving. We are building up the original 5.3 litre V12 to 7.3 litre capacity, head work, big valves, cams, 6 IDA Weber carburettors and we will build custom extractors. A new 5 speed gearbox will sit behind a new alloy flywheel. Externally adjustable shocks, uprated springs and torsion bars, bigger sway bars, vented brakes and replica D Type wheels will all feature.




The previous restorer had “restored” the front and rear ends. The bushes had been replaced but they simply painted two pack black paint straight over the top of the old paint and rust. All of the bolts were seized and we had a fun time getting it all apart then bead blasting the paint and rust off the components so they could be zinc plated or painted as original. We will be changing the diff ratio from 3.07 to 3.54.




The original engine will be rebuilt with major modifications but getting it apart is the first challenge. Removing V12 cylinder heads can test anyone’s patience!



We had the bodyshell alkaline dipped so we could have a good look at what had been done. The repairs were good so all we really had to do was remove the old lead, re-lead wipe where original and file finish the body. The bootlid didn't fit very well so we fixed that and we also removed the front bulkhead sections to strengthen the frame mounting areas.




We also modified the pedal mounting area to fit a Wilwood pedal box assembly and brand new custom uprated front frames are fitted.

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