Restoration - E Type Series 1 FHC - Current


21-July-2008-006This 1966 Series 1 FHC E Type came to us in July 2008 from the UK for a full restoration. The brief for this rebuild is to build a car that is able to be driven comfortably and reliably on the road, daily if required, but to be powerful, handle and stop as if it were an all out race car. We are retaining the SU carburettors, but the 4.2 will feature forged pistons, substantial head porting, stainless valves and big cams. A "six branch" header system will be used. We will be fitting a five speed gearbox with an alloy flywheel. Brakes will be vented all round, adjustable shocks, up rated swaybars, torsion bars and rear springs will improve the handling. Six inch chrome wire wheels will finish it off nicely. Weight will be saved with an alloy fuel tank and alloy radiator.

1-Aug-08-024 9-Sep-08-033 15-Sep-08-001

The dismantling, boxing and labeling of all components.

9-Sep-08-044 15-Sep-08-013

Final stages of dismantling. At this stage, we carefully assessed the bonnet and decided that it was better and more cost effective to replace the bonnet with a new assembly.

16-Oct-08-019 16-Oct-08-022 16-Oct-08-028
16-Oct-08-001 16-Oct-08-004 16-Oct-08-007

The body and panels were alkaline dipped to remove all paint, under sealer, filler and rust to leave a nice clean bare starting point. Here, the shell is mounted on our specially built alignment jig as it is to receive new floors and outer sills. The frames will be replaced as they are rusty and the petrol tank has been poorly repaired in the past and will be replaced with a new alloy tank, in keeping with the sporting nature of this car.

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