C Type Replica #6 - Current - Denmark


This car is being built alongside #7 and both cars will be of similar specification - our latest "Super C" specification. #6 features a "short stud" 4.2 litre donor engine from a 420 Jaguar and straight port  cylinder head. The engine specification is detailed below. This car features our brand new, all alloy 5 speed gearbox, alloy flywheel, electronic ignition, lightweight alternator conversion with micro V belt and pulleys, lightweight gear reduction starter motor and will run correct replica C Type braking system.



The lightweight C Type's featured different front swaybar mounting points and the rear removable chassis sub frame was lightened with the use of aluminium panelling instead of steel. Here the chassis is prepared and etch primed then hung in the booth for painting silver.









The body is being built at the same time as #6 and both will be identical replicas of the 1953 Le Mans cars with the scoop in the bonnet to feed the webers and the distinctive ribbing down the rear of the body. The internal bulkhead is also lightened with large holes.


Engine: This car was originally built up mechanically as a Semi Lightweight Spec car but since we offered the Super C in late 2011, the owner decided to "up spec" this car to a "Super C". We removed the 3.4 litre engine and built up an entirely new engine starting with a Jaguar 420 engine. The block has the same mounting points as the earlier 3.4 and 3.8 litre blocks so it can be mounted in the same manner as the earlier motors but gives a huge 800cc increase in capacity over the original C Type's 3.4 litre engine. The engine also uses the later straight port cylinder head and a different Weber inlet manifold to suit.







Legendary Carrillo conrods were fitted along with forged Ross pistons and Total Seal gapless rings. The crankshaft has been crack tested, lightened, reground, modified for lip seal conversion and nitrided. The whole bottom end was then balanced with an alloy flywheel and AP Racing clutch. The block was decked to give a zero piston height and ARP head studs and fasteners were used. A late model Jaguar oil pump was used and customs pick up pipes made to suit the massive, two piece cast C Type sump assembly.


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