The World's Finest C TYPE Recreations
#4 - Switzerland

Between 1951 and 1953 Jaguar built just 53 of the fabulous 150 mph C Type sports racer and today, any one of these examples is worth in excess of A$1 million.

During 1999, Gavin King of Concours Sportscar Restoration was approached by a customer to build him a Jaguar C Type that was indistinguishable from an original. Not just any C Type mind you, but an exact replica of the winning 1953 Le Manns car right down to having the correct 40DCO weber carburetors and plessey pump driven Dunlop disc brakes.


XKC053 - Le Mans 1953


#1 - Sydney 2002

Having 15 years experience in restoring al Jaguar models, particulary the XK range, along with staff of highly skilled tradespeople, the task of building the car didn't pose a problem and the quality would be second to none. The problem was finding the correct specifications and dimensions of all the numerous components unique to a C Type and suppliers for some of these components. The body, chassis, steering rack, suspension arms, torsion bars, engine sump, wheels, disc brakes and much, much more are all unique to a C Type and getting hold of the necessary technical information to reproduce these components was a major task.


#1, #2 & #3

After two years of development and research, the team at Concours had all the necessary information and contacts and were ready to get underway with the building of the exact 1953 Le Mans replica along with a second car, a "semi" 1953 Le Mans Replica fitted with readily available 45DCOE webers and Dunlop disc brakes but without the very expensive plessey pump boosting system.

To date we have built one 100% correct 1953 Le Mans replica, three "semi" 1953 Le Mans replica's and a standard 1951 production car. We are currently building two Super C replicas.

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